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    Welcome to the new home of BGRA Baseball!!!

    Please bear with us as we complete the transition.

    All house players have now been added to a team roster. 

    If your child is added to the incorrect team please contact it@bgrabaseball with the correct information. Thank you.

    BGRA Updated Covid-19 Guidelines

    There has been a lot of information flowing about the new rules for sports from the governor and the IHSA (Illinois High School Sports Association).  We want to make sure we are on the same page on this.

    Sports have been divided by three levels of risk.  Fortunately for us baseball is considered in the LOWER RISK category.    However this is ONLY true if we adhere to our present guidelines.  If we don't it moves to the MEDIUM RISK category.
    Please click this link to see the Type of Play Levels and Current Conditions Allowed for each Level at this time:

    Starting immediately board members will be going to games that are being played on our fields checking for compliance.  If guidelines are not being met the team manager will be warned and expected to get the team and spectators into compliance.  If the guidelines are not being met after that then the game is going to be called and the field and stands will be cleared.

    The main issues we will be checking on:

    Masks are NOT required:

    • While on the actual field of play. (From out of play line to out of play line. Not the baselines)
    • In the batting cages (1 pitcher, 1 batter) batting helmets are required.  This is only for the cages at Emmerich and Kilmer fields.

    Masks and Social Distancing ARE required:

    • While walking to and from the cars in the parking lot.
    • Walking to and from one field to another (at complexes with more than one field.)
    • Managers and/or Coaches while meeting with or speaking with an umpire in general.
    • Managers and/or Coaches if you have to be closer than 6 feet to your players to speak to them.  This includes base coaches.
    • All Players, Managers, and Coaches in the Dugouts or extended Player areas.
    • All Fans and spectators who are at the games.  Social distancing is also required.  This includes the spectator stands AND in chair down the out of play lines.  It also includes behind the home run fences on fields that have them.
    • Players who are waiting for the batting cage to be available
    • Players and coaches who are warming up outside of the field of play.
    • THE PIT AREA IS NOT TO BE USED FOR WARMING UP at the Emmerich Complex.
      • Beyond the home run fence near the batting cages or the outfield at Emmerich East if it is available may be used for warming up.  Masks are to be worn while warming up.
    • There should be NO team meetings after the game if the team for the next game has arrived.  Only do a meeting after your games if there is time

    We are also requiring spectators, coaches, and  players:

    • Comply with posted signs regarding numbers allowed to be in a particular area of the field.
    • Not to come to the field unnecessarily early to the field.
    • Not to linger or congregate at the field after the game ends and to go directly back to their cars and leave the ballpark."
    Also please note that Umpires will be calling the game from behind the pitcher instead of behind home plate. 
    Please help us to ensure that you and your children follow these guidelines so we can keep everyone safe and continue to allow the kids to play some baseball.
    Thank you.

    BGRA Board

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